12 Volt Direct 1000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

12 Volt Direct 1000w Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Part Number:  TVD-IP1000
- Input: 12VDC
- Output: 220VAC@50Hz
- Continuous Output 1000W
- Surge Output 2000W
- Efficiency: 92%
- Output protection: Over load & short circuit 
- Temperature protection: Temperature-controlled Fan & Automatic shut down

100% Pure Sine Wave

Our 100% pure sine wave inverters can efficiently run everyday appliances like coffee machines, stereos, fridges, compressors, microwaves, ovens and even CPAP Machines.

Compact Design

We know that space is luxury in every camper and 4WD. With our inverters compact design and easy mounting solutions, this inverter is a no brainer in any 4WD setup.

2.4A USB Outlet

Keep your smart devices charged with the built-in 2.4A USB Outlet. Charge the latest in smartphones, smartwatches & tablets to keep the family entertained throughout the whole trip.

Turbo Cooling

Large built-in fans keep the inverter cool to keep your appliances running on those hot days and jump into Turbo Cooling Mode once the unit reaches 50°C.

Soft Start

Keep things quiet when making your morning coffee with the units soft-start function.

Protection Functions

Low Voltage Alarm and Shutdown
Overvoltage and Over Heating Shutdown
Short Circuit Protection
Overload and Reverse Polarity Protection

Low Interference Technology

Low Interference Technology allows you to enjoy a clean and powerful AC source fee from signal interference that can occur with TV's, audio systems and radio equipment.

High Efficiency

Don't waste time with inefficient inverters that lose massive amounts of energy when converting DC current to AC current. Get the most out of your battery bank with a huge ≥90% conversion efficiency.

What's Included

1000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Battery Leads
Instruction Manual