12 Volt Direct 20A DC to DC Battery Charger MPPT LiFePO4 Lithium Compatible Sola

12 Volt Direct 20A DC to DC Battery Charger MPPT LiFePO4 Lithium Compatible Sola


Heavy-duty Aluminium case and mounting brackets

Microchip monitoring and control

Fully automatic high-frequency multi-stage charging

Pulse mode technology that reduces oxidation, evens electrolyte consistency and minimises temperature equating to longer battery life.

Easy push-button chemistry select: AGM/Gel, Calcium, Lion, Lead-Acid Batteries

Internal charger temperature monitoring and power output control

LED Indicators showing state of charge

Overcharging, short circuit and over-temperature protection

Input and output reverse polarity protection

Thermal overload protection

Solar input overload protection

Power cut memory function: once selected, the charger will remain on this battery type until it is changed


Model: TVD-20

Type: Multi Stage DC to DC

Input: DC Battery: 13.2-16.0 Volts Solar Input: 16.0-25.0 Volts

Output/Charging Voltage: 13.5-15.4 Volts(Stops charging when alternator output or vehicle battery below 13.0 volts)

Output Current: 20AMP

Minimum Start Voltage: 2.0 Volts-For battery being charged

Soft Start: Yes

Soft Charge Current: DCDS20@20A

Bulk Charge Voltage: 14.7V(AGM/Gel)14.4V(Lead Acid)15.4V(Calcium)14.4V(LiON)

Absorption: Constant voltage with automatic amperage control

Equalisation: Automatic

Float Charge Voltage: 13.5V(AGM/Gel)13.5V(Lead Acid)13.5V(Calcium)

Float Charge Current: 100mA

Battery Range: 18 to 250Ah

0-1 Metres Cable: 12AWG

1-5 Metres Cable: 8 AWG

5 Metres Cable: 6 AWG