Intervolt 12V 25 Amp DC to DC Charger MPPT Solar Version 2 Lithium DCC1225ACK-RP

Intervolt 12V 25 Amp DC to DC Charger MPPT Solar Version 2 Lithium DCC1225ACK-RP

The Intervolt DCC Pro is the ideal auxillary battery charging solution. It has been developed specifically for use in any vehcile with a 12 volt electrical system including 4WDs, caravans, RVs & campers.

It has been espcially designed to operate in Australia's high ambient temperatures unlike other brands that have been designed for the eurpoean market. 



The best in-class performance for a charger of this size
True 25 Amp charger, that is, 25 Amps at 50 deg C all day, every day.
Remote monitoring 
Solar ready (MPPT) 


Input Voltage
-Main: 9 17 VDC,
-Solar Input: 27 VOC max. (open circuit no load)

Solar Power 250 Watts nominal (300 Watts peak)

Continuous Rating 25 Amps @ 50 deg C

Current Draw
-Charging Device: Including LED indicator 10mA
-Remote Display: With backlight off: 10mA max,
-With backlight on: 30mA max

Boost Voltage
-Standard Lead Acid: 14.4 VDC Nominal
-Absorbed Glass Mat: 14.6 VDC Nominal
-Gelified Electrolyte: 14.2 VDC Nominal
-Lead Calcium: 14.8 VDC Nominal

Float Voltage 13.2 VDC Nominal

Electrical Protection
-Thermal overload shutdown auto reset
-Electrical overload shutdown auto reset
-Under voltage disconnect auto re-connect
-Over voltage disconnect auto re-connect
-Reverse polarity protection of main terminals

Environmental Protection
-Charging Device: IP67 (internal components only)
-Remote Display: IP40 (not dust or water resistant)

Operating Temperature -20 deg C to +85 deg C

Operating Humidity Up to 98%

Charging Device Materials
-Heatsink: E-Coated ADC-3 die cast aluminium
-Blue Plastics: Temperature resistant PC/ABS alloy
-Black Plastics: 15% glass reinforced PBT
-Transparent Plastics: Temperature resistant PMMA

Remote Display Materials
-Dark Grey Plastics: Temperature resistant PC/ABS alloy
-Transparent Plastics: Temperature resistant PMMA

Terminal Material Tin plated brass

Terminal Fasteners 304 stainless steel

Conformity AS/NZS CISPR 11:2004 for EMC

-Charging Device: 112 x 112 x 75mm (including terminal cover)
-Remote Display: 60 x 36 x 59mm (including mounting bracket)

-Charging Device: 690 grams
-Remote Display: 55 grams